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I’ll leave it to the CIBA authors to address the first question and John may be the best person to address the second item.

On the third one, we can add this to the upcoming joint CPAS-MODRNA call  this coming Monday to confirm this assumptions before taking it back to MODRNA WG for further discussion.


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We would like to share with you some of our concerns about CIBA as it may be soon accepted at the end of the current implementer's draft period :

- The end-to-end use cases addressed by CIBA are still unclear for us. We do understand the necessity to have a specification allowing the retrieval of an OAuth 2.0 access_token in a back channel mode but we don't have in mind end-to-end use cases that require the delivery of an id_token in pure back channel mode. @John,Joerg : Did you have time to think about Use Cases for CIBA ?

- On a security point of view, we think that we missed something. With the current specification, it seems to be possible to register a bad client interested by the polling mode with a legitimate client's sector_identifier_uri and even redirect_uri. In this way, the bad client will receive a sub dedicated for the legitimate client.

- GSMA is already working on an evolution of CIBA allowing synchronous responses. In their mind (GSMA), they want to address use cases in which the OP doesn't authenticate the user. It could maybe be relevant to include this evolution in the current specification.

Thanks for your opinions on these aspects,


The Orange Team.

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