[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] MODRNA CIBA draft 03 - public review

charles.marais at orange.com charles.marais at orange.com
Wed Apr 19 09:24:02 UTC 2017

Hi Cezary,

Please, find hereafter our comments :

- CIBA has been designed to allow authentication use cases (GSMA MC 
Authentication product) and has not been designed to address GSMA MC 
Authorise product. To address GSMA Authorise product, OIDF has designed 
the User Questioning Api which is currently under the implementer's 
draft process. These aspects have been discussed several times inside 
the working group (Paris meeting, Modrna list, periodic calls...).

- Concerning the binding message, when used, this parameter is used as 
an interlock mechanism in order to visually pair the consumtion device 
with the authentication device. This message should be short, non 
predictable and easily checkable by the user.

- MC Profile contains several things (context, client_name, 
prompt=mobile, backchannel calls, additional id_token claims...) which 
have not been discussed nor approved by OIDF.



Le 29/03/2017 à 10:19, Orliński Cezary a écrit :
> Hi
> I would like to comment on the MODRNA Client initiated Backchannel Authentication Flow 1.0 (CIBA), draft 03 specification.
> We are working in Poland with other MNOs to bring Mobile Connect server initiated (server-to-server) use cases into life. The CIBA spec looks great for our use cases but we lack some functionalities:
> - There are no fields such as "context" and "client_name" in the Authentication Request that would allow us to display Client defined text on Authentication Device. Instead now the OP can display only a "binding_message" sent by the Client which has a bit different purpose. In our use cases the Client wishes to send its own text e.g. "Client requests you to authorize the operation X...". The fields "context" and "client_name" are present in Mobile Connect's PDATA.01 specification (MC Profile 1.2) and they fit perfectly our needs.
> Please consider adding these fields to the CIBA spec since MC Profile 1.2 seems quite compatible with CIBA.
> Best Regards
> Cezary Orliński
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