[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Mobile Profile WG Call March 22nd 2017 preliminary minutes

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Dear all,

Please find below the preliminary minutes of our call on March 22nd 2017.
Let me know of any error or misunderstanding

Participants:   John, Bjorn, Keith, Nicolas, Philippe, Siva, Charles, axel

1-      CPAS-MODRNA joint call debrief
2-      FAPI/Banking Use Case
3-      Continue discussion on asynchronous/synchronous modes and user consent/authentication for token retrieval
4-      Proposal from Orange UQ
5-      AOB

1-      CPAS-MODRNA joint call debrief
Reminder of next meeting (Monday March 27th 2pm UTC (3pm CET)
Reminder of frequency: monthly on Tuesdays 2pm UTC (beware of next DST switch)
1st draft of prioritised item sent to the CPAS/MODRNA basecamp list for comments and suggestions. Discussions on the presence of Ciba, UQ, authorization on this list.
==>     All participants to comment the list or suggest updates.
Participants of the call are subscribed to the new basecamp MODRNA/CPAS, please contact Siva or Gautam if not the case.

2-      FAPI/Banking Use Case
Call flows are not available yet, could take more time to obtain.

3-      Continue discussion on asynchronous/synchronous modes and user consent/authentication for token retrieval
Discussion regarding UK cases, JWT assertions, UQ, back and front channel ways to obtain the access token.
The device flow approach can be correlated to that. Depending on the fact the user could intervene in the loop, pushing or polling modes could be addressed for the AT provision.
Orange presents a first draft with a proposed approach to update the RFC7523 spec.
One idea could be to update the JWT assertion flows to accommodate asynchronous mode. Another one is to use UQ to push the user code for confirmation in the device flow. In any case we consider that there is no user agent in the (device to AS) flow.
Work on progress to find the best approach (Orange)
==>     Orange to push the XML format to the list for comments.
Question raised whether one or two endpoints are concerned at the AS, depending on the fact the user is concerned or not.
A suggestion is presented to adapt device flow to make it synchronous, in case of no interaction with the user occurs.
There is a consensus to admit we have an opportunity for alignment with the device spec.

4-      AOB
Discussion about an operator (Russian?) wanting to have a back channel AT retrieval from a mobile application

Kind regards,

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