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Axel - can you add Alex Chong (CC'd) to your distribution and the weekly Wednesday call?  He will represent PSG for this working group.

Many thanks...

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Subject: Re: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] CIBA context client_name

Hi Charles,

The GSMA's document "OpenID Connect Mobile Connect Profile 2.1" specifies "context" parameter.
When I remember correctly we decided in MODRNA to not have that in CIBA.
Now a DT Natco asked for this feature in backchannel requests.

I did not have a use case at hand. I guess the prerequisites are: use back channel to get access token with SP provided text and a variable client_name.
Probably some Mobile Connect use cases could be envisioned to have an SP provided text during authentication and consent collection.

The WG felt that in CIBA the OP is ultimately responsible for those "pages" and we should not step into this unchartered land now.
But I wanted to raise this again to see whether this is still the opinion.





Authentication Context Class Reference. Space separated string that specifies the Authentication Context Reference used during authentication processing. The RP/Client can use LoA for a particular use case. The values appear in order of preference. The acr satisfied by the authentication is returned as the acr claim value. ID GW MUST consider only the first value in the list, and ignores remaining LoA values while processing the request.

The recommended values are the LoAs as specified in ISO/IEC 29115 Clause 6 - 1, 2, 3, 4 - representing the LoAs of LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and VERY HIGH.

The acr_values are an indication of what authentication method to use by the ID GW. The usage of authentication methods depends on the LoA value passed in the parameter acr_values. The ID GW configures the authentication method selection logic based on the acr_values.

ID GW/Authorization server MUST return the achieved level of assurance in the acr parameter.




[Mandatory if scope = "openid mc_authz"]

Client provided plain text, "reference or ID" to interlock consumption device and authorization device for a better user experience. The message will be displayed on consumption device and mobile device. Empty values are allowed. (zero length)



Optional [Mandatory if scope = "openid mc_authz"]

A short name to identify RP/Client application and must be displayed on authentication/ authorisation device.




[Mandatory if scope = "openid mc_authz"]

A Transaction/action based message displayed on authorization device and must provide by RP/client. If scope = "openid mc_authz".




Informs the Authorization Server of the mechanism to be used for returning parameters from the Authorization Endpoint

Can be used when there is no user agent /browser.

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Subject: Re: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] CIBA context client_name

Hi Axel,

Could you share the detailed uses cases in which the "context" parameter would be used ? Are they mentioned in the attached file (GSMA's uses cases list) ? Do these uses cases have some adherence with the GSMA authorization product ?

Could we have some examples of what the "context" would contain ? Is it clearly different from a question or a validation ?

As a reminder, User Questioning should be the OIDF specification to address the GSMA Authorization product.

I think that the relevance of the "context" parameter should only be discussed, both in CPAS and in Modrna, depending of the uses cases for which it would be relevant.



Le 28/02/2017 à 22:31, Axel.Nennker at telekom.de<mailto:Axel.Nennker at telekom.de> a écrit :


some telcos would like to offer to service providers the option to display text during authentication and consent collection.

The OP does still control what is displayed.

Should we add what CPAS calls context and client_name or should that be an extension by CPAS?




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