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could you please start to increment the version counter in the docName element of the xml source (still -1) and maintain the change history in appendix c? Otherwise, following the evolution of your draft is nearly impossible.

thanks in advance,

> Am 08.12.2016 um 21:15 schrieb GONZALO FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ <gonzalo.fernandezrodriguez at telefonica.com>:
> Hi guys,
> You can find a new review of the CIBA draft with the follow changes:
> 1.  Authentication Request Section: Improving the definition of “client_req_id”
> 2.  Successful Authentication Request Acknowledgement:
> a.  auth_req_id: to explain that it won’t be present in token when using Polling mode
> b.  interval: fixing a misleading description
> 3.  Token Request Using Polling Mechanism: 
> a.  fixing a misleading description about the inclusion of “client_notification_endpoint” in the authentication request. It doesn’t make sense since Notification or Polling mode is defined at the registration time and “client_notification_endpoint” is not sent in the authentication request anymore.
> b.  auth_requ_id: fixing misleading description.
> 4.  Changing Successful Token Polling to Successful Token Polling Response
> 5.  Improving descriptions in Successful Token Polling Response and Successful Token Notification
> 6.  expires_in parameter from Successful Authentication Request Acknowledgement refers to the auth_req_id that will be considered overdue to make new polling requests after that time.
> 7.  New unknown_auth_req_id and expired_token erros in Token Error Response
> 8.  Authentication Error Response section is defined and incorporates two new errors: “unknown_user_id” when OP can’t figure out the user to be authenticated by means of the hint and “expired_token” to indicate that the login_hint_token or id_token_hint provided is expired
> 9.  Changing “client_req_id” to “client_notification_token”
> Best,
> Gonza.
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