[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Regarding 4.3.1 Successful Response with User Questioning Response

Celestin Bitjonck celestin at allfocusit.com
Thu Nov 17 16:58:43 UTC 2016

I tend to agree with Axel. If the status=="OK", there should not be a need
for question_id.





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Subject: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Regarding 4.3.1 Successful Response
with User Questioning Response


Why send question_id when it is a MANDATORY part of the signed
user_statement_token already?

The spec states that the Client SHOULD check that both match but does not
say what to do if they do not match.

I suggest to change 4.3.1 to: if status=="OK" then the response MUST NOT
have a question_id member field.

If status=="error" then question_id is MANDATORY.




I am not sure about using "status" at all. Why not just have the response
have a user_statement_token OR an error field?

Probably a question of personal preferences.




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Subject: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] User Questioning RE: minutes of
MODRNA WG Call Nov 16th 2016


Hi Nicolas, hi Charles,


I reviewed the UQ draft and here are my first remarks:


-                          Please consider whether the word "FORBIDDEN" can
be replaced by "MUST NOT"
e.g. in 4.1.1 I suggest to reverse the order and rephrase to avoid
"MANDATORY if the Access Token is not tied with an End-User. MUST NOT be
present if the Access Token is tied with an End-User,"


Regarding 4.1.1 User Questioning Request

-                          "AUTHORIZATION" the paragraph seems to exclude
the possibility to use client_id/client_secret and BASIC auth, right? Or
does use of client_id/client_secret constitute the case "not tied to the
user" while an access token constitutes the case "tied to the user"?

-                          user_id "tied to the user" should be explained. I
suggest adding text to the paragraph about "AUTHORIZATION" and the access

-                          user_id versus sub
Why not use sub always instead of user_id? "sub" has the advantage that it
is not widely known because it was assigned by the OP to the user for this
Client. "sub" is never reassigned while a user_id might not be eternally
assigned to the user. Yes, User_id_type can be sub but sub is harder to
misuse by a rogue Client.

-                 says "user_id as a reachability means":
Should the OP be free to decide how to contact the user on which device? Or
does the Client decide on that by requesting a certain channel/device to be

-                          I suggest to add "sub" as MANDATORY to the UQ

-                          "wished_acr" Why not use "acr_values" from

-                          "wished_amr" like acr_values?: amr_values?

-                          "wished_*" is the order of the values important?
There is no text regarding the order.


Regarding Processing user_id

-                          I would not conflate user_id as sub and user_id
as reachability means!

-           Wondering about the wording here:
"If the user_id is present in both the User Questioning Request and the
Access Token, an error is raised."
If the access token is "SlAV32hkKG" does this cover the "present in"
How about: "If the user_id is present but the Access Token is bound to a
user then the user_id and the sub associated with the Access Token MUST be
identical". (Not replacing user_id by sub in this for now. I think the
parameter "user_id" should be replaced by "sub" and a reachability

Regarding 4.1.3 Successful Response

-                          I am not sure whether transporting the polling
URL in the Location header.

-                          I am not sure whether the polling location should
be dynamic.
Being dynamic has advantages because it can be dynamic based on client
and/or question and/or server load etc.

-                          Being dynamic has the disadvantage that the
Client has to decide at polling time whether some policy might forbid it to
talk to the polling endpoint.

The example does not contain a JSON structure! Should this read like this:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

{  "Location":

   "Question_id": "984dcc7d3d4d4b0f9f8022e344f9"


Regarding 4.1.4 Error Response:

Why is this different to OAuth2 Section 5.2 Error Response?



Regarding 4.3.2 Error Response

Like 4.1.4 make this look more like OAuth2 Section 5.2 Error Response?


Regarding 6.1 Implementation of questioning methods

-                          Change headline to headline style (Capitalized

-                          Add supported AMR and ACR etc to discovery.
"To prevent these errors, it can inform the Clients of its limitation and
limit the possible questions or statements."



Have to go now - So stopped reviewing for now before section 7 Security








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Subject: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] minutes of MODRNA WG Call Nov 16th


Please find below the preliminary notes of the call. 

Should you detect any error or misunderstanding, please let me know.


Participants : John, Axel, Bjorn, Charles, Torsten, Joerg


Agenda :


. Review UQ specs

. Review SIBA specs

. Next workshop


Discussion :

User Questionning

A new draft has been released by Orange, following questions/remarks from

Axel and Bjorn volunteer to review the UQ draft specs. 

Torsten to send a reminder to the list for reviewing, before entering the
implementers draft process.

A proposal is made for OIF to present a status update of UQ work at the next
PET GSMA meeting (end of November). Orange will help to draft this
presentation. PET chairman to be contacted for insertion into the agenda.  



Questions about the context parameter that shows up in the specs.
Discussions in Paris had only stated a use for the binding message to
interlock devices. Recommendation from the call is to remove this parameter.

Charles volunteers to post comments on SIBA specs, other comments are
awaited from the list.

Mentionning the Use Cases in SIBA specs is requested to understand some
choices in the specs, and will avoid any duplication with User Questionning.


Idea of merging some parts of SIBA and UQ are set on the table, but draft
specs should be more mature.


Next workshop

For information, John should be in London January 18 and 19th, to take into


AOB: push style

Discussion occurs on OAuth list regarding push style for the device flow.

Some arguments are presented to balance push vs pull approach, for UQ.

. Complexity for the RP to implement 2 solutions

. Resource optimization from an OP side

. Number of requests per second

. Delay for the user to answer the question (seconds, minutes ?)

Discussion to be continued on the list through the specs


Best regards,





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