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Hi all,

I also do not understand why there must be this super generic Questioning Object.

Besides that, I also found some small things while reading:
Chapter 1.4 point 1: Two fullstops after the first sentence. I would also write “Do you allow payment of x Euros to party y?” (y instead of x)
Chapter 1.4 point 4: Replace “plateform” with “platform”
Chapter 2: Missing fullstop after bracket in description.
Chapter 2.3: I suggest “VERIFICATION_CODE_REQUIRED” instead of “VERIFICATION_CODE_NEEDED”. Just for consistence to terms like login_required or interaction_required out of the OpenID spec. Btw: why are the status values uppercase?
Chapter 2.4: The abbreviation PCR is not explained in the whole document?

Best regards


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Betreff: Re: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Fwd: [User Questioning (a.k.a Transaction Authorization)] First draft

Hi all,

thank you for producing this first draft for user questioning (formerly known as transaction authorization).

Here are some comments:

Verification code: the document defines three different flows how a client can obtain the user’s answer. What is the use case for the “terminated by client” flow? From the discussion in our WG call I understood you want to support SMS-based OTP mechanisms for getting the user’s answer. I personally think this does not require user to (somehow) give the code to the client which in turn uses it as a credential to obtain the answer from the user questioning endpoint. Integration of SMS could be achieved (encapsulated within the OP) by adding a confirmation URL to the SMS pointing to a suitable (internal) endpoint at the OP. This way even SMS can be used in conjunction with the other modes.

User Questioning Object: What is the benefit of using always the same object type in all requests and responses from/to the user questioning API? I think ordinary request/response parameters would do the job. For example, why do I need to respond to the client user id and type given I sent this data to the OP in the request?

best regards,

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Dear all,

please find below the first draft of Orange participation in the User Questionning API (aka transaction authorization). Do not hesitate to feedback Nicolas or Charles on the list


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Objet : [User Questioning (a.k.a Transaction Authorization)] First draft

Hi all,

   Please find in attachment a first draft for the API enabling transaction authorization.
   We chose to name this API ‘User Questioning’ to avoid possible misunderstanding with ‘oauth authorization’.

Best regards,



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