[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Preliminary minutes of MODRNA WG Call on August 10th 2016

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Hi all,

please find below the draft of the WG Call minutes.

Best regards,

Participants: John Bradley, Venkatasivakumar Boyalakuntla (Siva), James Manger, Bjorn Hjelm, Florian Walter, Jörg Connotte, Nat Sakimura, Gonzalo Fernandez Rodriguez, Ijaz Khan, Torsten Lodderstedt

Status of our high-prio drafts:
(1)     Server-initiated authentication
-       Gonzalo and Florian presented the first draft (https://bitbucket.org/openid/mobile/raw/75ca37860ae1fe90b085d32ad88507e82e2f374f/draft-mobile-server-initiation-01.txt)
-       All WG members are asked to review it and give feedback on the list
(2)     Account migration
-        James Manger explained an alternative proposal for handling of migration data. The basic idea is to instead of transferring it via a signed JWT, the old OP exposes an endpoint where the RP can directly call and determine whether and where a particular account has been migrated to
-       The RP should be able to authenticate with the old OP since it is a RP of this OP as well (since it uses the old OP for logins)
-       pro: no issue regarding signing key expiration
-       James will post a more detailed description on the list so we can have a discussion of which way to go
(3)     Attributes UserInfo/PremiumInfo
         - Siva presented current list
         - WG members gave feedback and advice on how to incorporate Mobile Connect specific claims into OIDC (UserInfo and ID Token) by constructing collision resistant claim names
         - Siva takes this back to CPAS

Status Workshop
-       Eventbrite event has been set up and will be distributed soon
-       No further information on location and logistics since Philippe did not attend the call

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