[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] MODRNA WG Call on 2015-11-11

Ebling, Sebastian s.ebling at telekom.de
Thu Nov 12 12:50:24 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Here are my notes of the MODRNA WG call yesterday.

Matthieu, Roland, Björn, Torsten, Sebastian

Debrief IIW
* There was a MODRNA session. Notes of this session: http://iiw.idcommons.net/Mobile_Launch_of_MODRNA_%E2%80%93_Overview/Update
* Discussion about mitm attacks in dynamic registration. Client authentication with asymmetric crypto may be a solution?
* Progress on registration spec during IIW. Please give feedback on the list.
* Discussion about naming clash for login_hint_token parameter in account chooser

Information / Discussion
* GSMA will adopt MODRNA spec for the next version of their API specification
* Difference between Service Provider and Relying Party not clear in registration spec
* Software statement lifecycle: stable PPIDs after renewal of client registration after expiration of software statement, revocation
* Naming convention: "OpenID Connect Mobile Discovery Profile" vs. "OpenID Connect MODRNA Discovery Profile" -> consensus on MODRNA version.
* Agreed on working on the specs to bring them to implementers draft version until the end of this year
* Please have a look at the issue tracker
* Next WG call is next week.

Please correct this in case of error or missing.

Kind regards


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