[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] preliminary notes July 15th 2015 MODRNA WG Call

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Hi Philippe,

we don't know yet when the first version of our trial will be up and running. Pls. remove the respective statement,


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Dear all,
Here are the preliminary notes of our call.

Due to bad conditions in some phone communications, please complete your missing parts.

Participants: John, Torsten, Joerg, Bjorn, Gonzalo, Matthieu, Philippe

1.       PoCs: Spain, US, Germany (information and requirements towards WG)
2.       Status/next steps discovery spec
3.       Status registration spec
4.       Status/next steps authentication spec

1.       PoCs: Spain, US, Germany (information and requirements towards WG)
Gonzalo (Spain)
ID Gateway implemented in-house. SPs are provided with an App through OAuth.
Spam code has been inserted, and ID token is signed.
2 authenticators are delivered: SMS (OTP or URL) and SIM applet.
Architecture: reuse of TDAF (Telefonica digital architecture framework), MSSP is outside the TDAF perimeter
SP integrated with OneAPI Exchange, do not use the credential management

Matthieu (Spain)
Project to be launched end of this year
First phase (SIM applet only for Orange Services): Orange Spain doesn't need an ID Gateway, nor OpenID Connect. Next phase will, components will be mutualized.
Existing OpenID Connect gates exposing features with existing APIs will have to combine with MC.
New trials scheduled in France for Authorization services

Bjorn (US) -To be completed due to a bad liaison-
POC in US, with a GSMA partnership. Project divided in 3 phases, phase 2 has just started, exposing OpenID Connect to SP, testing different auth options, among them FIDO features
Questions regarding the scalability of OneApiExchange.

Torsten (Germany)
Telefonica having suspended its activities in the frame, DT and Voda are experiencing.
DT tests its Id Management system with MC specificities on the OIDC basic client profile.
2 authenticators: login/password as primary, and SIM applet as a second factor.
Objective to test MC with Vodaphone and improve protocol to facilitate SP - OP interfaces.
First phase should be up and running next month.

2.       Status/next steps discovery spec
Document to be updated, collaboration by the group is proposed after circulating

3.       Status registration spec
Document to update and comment

4.       Status/next steps authentication spec
Torsten suggest to create a separate issue and a new section for security considerations.
Discussions about a possible confusion between authorization context and authentication context. Terminology to adapt.
Questions about authorization and consent overlap.
Matthieu to summarize
John evokes a working group about contracts exchange, see KDDI

Kind regards,

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Zeit: Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015 16:00-17:00 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien.
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Hi all,

I propose the following agenda:

1.       PoCs: Spain, US, Germany (information and requirements towards WG)
1.       Status/next steps discovery spec
1.       Status registration spec
1.       Status/next steps authentication spec

best regards,
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