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Do we've a repository for terminology to ensure we use the same for all three specifications?


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Hi Bjorn,

thanks for sharing this document with us.

Here are my comments:

-          1. - "asserted by a primary MNO that the client has a relationship with" - That's one option. Another could be that the statement is issued by a central registry all MNOs rely on. So my suggestion for this spec is to talk of a "trusted entity, e.g. a primary MNO" - potentially also "developer MNO"

-          1.2 Terminology: I think this should be replaced by MODRNA specific terminology, e.g. MNO

-          3.1. Editors Note 1: I would suggest to add a implementation note section and explain the options we see there, including using the statement as client_id -> note: If the operators uses the statement as client_id it won't most likely not issue a secret, which contradicts the text in the first sentence of this section.

-          3.1, 2nd paragraph: "If the client is registered with another MNO, a new version of the application is required." - What does "new application" mean?

-          3.1. Editors note 3: I think the introduction or a requirements section should state that this spec will support this feature.

-          3.2

o   Signature algorithm - I suggest we limit this to RSA (to start with)

o   What is/are "acus"?

o   What's "gti"?

best regards,

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Attached is a revised version of the draft registration spec.


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Zeit: Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015 16:00-17:00 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien.
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Hi all,

I won't be able to attend but John will moderate the call instead (thanks!).

I would suggest the following topics:
·         Discussion of discovery design (native vs. web - probably using sequence diagrams)
·         Status of registration spec (esp. software statement contents)
·         Alignment of GSMA work and authentication draft

best regards,
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