[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Name of the WG

Lodderstedt, Torsten t.lodderstedt at telekom.de
Thu Apr 9 15:09:33 UTC 2015

Hi all,

during our workshops at IIW we realized that the name of our WG is misleading to the general audience. "Mobile" suggests this is a profile for mobile devices or apps. But in fact, what we are creating is a profile for mobile network operators. And by definition, it shall be used on desktop PC as well as on mobile phones. That's why I proposed to the Board of the OpenID foundation to change the name, which the board accepted.

And here is the challenge for all of you:

Calling it "OpenID Connect Profile for Mobile Network Operators" would be straight forward but a bit boring. I would like to come up with a better name and an acronym that people may memorize easily. Just take a look at the HEART WG.

So please send proposals to the list.

Best regards,

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