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Nat Sakimura sakimura at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 01:17:03 UTC 2014

Hi Torsten,

I have created a repository for the WG.


Official path would be http://hg.openid.net/mobile/ but many glitches are
there so for just working with the repo., I advise you to use the bitbucket



gonzalo.fernandezrodriguez at telefonica.com>:

> Hi guys,
> Sorry for the delay but I came back last week from my annual leave and I
> have not found a free slot for this task until now.
> First of all thanks to Torsten and Joerg for the initial proposal, it is a
> very good point to start a discussion. I have sent all of you back the
> proposal with my comments inside, in short I agree with the dynamic
> registration process because it allows other OpenID providers to be
> adhered without making changes in the RPs. However I don't think the
> discovery process is the best for the particular case of the MNOs as
> OpenID providers. The proposal shows that RPs are aware of the MSISDN
> because they know it in advance or because they ask the user for it. And,
> in this last case I reckon it breaks one of the properties of the OpenID
> Connect that is to keep the user identifier hidden from the RPs.
> I really think that if we consider offering the mobile identity
> authentication as a single service (aka Mobile Connect) from the users
> point of view, it is necessary to hide the topology of the service from
> the RPs and make them believe that there is only a unique provider, we
> should create this illusion. What I mean is that Google can offer its own
> OIDC provider, Ping Identity, Microsoft or whohever can offer its own one,
> but MNOs should offer only one (for all of them). So from my point of view
> the discovery process as is defined in the "OpenID Connect Discovery"
> document could be used to choose among one of the aforedmentioned, and in
> case of choosing the "Mobile Connect" an internal discovery process must
> be triggered once the user wants to be authenticated. I know that this is
> something that is not easy to achieve with the current specs. but I think
> that this is the appropiate forum to undertake this task.
> I have written a proposal of a discovery process that I called "Implicit
> Discovery" because it happens in the middle of an OpenID Connect
> authentication request. Find attached this proposal that I want to share
> with you to get your feedback on it and if you think it is feasible. It is
> only an initial proposal that surely has some lack to be completed but I
> think enough to have an idea of the concept to implicit discovery process.
> Please let me know if you need further clarifications or more details on
> any of the points raised.
> Best,
> Gonza.
> El 12/09/14 10:40, "torsten at lodderstedt.net" <torsten at lodderstedt.net>
> escribió:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >if you haven't done yet, I would kindly ask you to read the proposal and
> >post your comments to the list before our upcoming WG call (Sept 24th).
> >This gives the other members an indication of your thoughts and helps me
> >to prepare/organize the discussions.
> >
> >Thanks in Advance,
> >Torsten.
> >
> >Am 27.07.2014 20:14, schrieb Torsten Lodderstedt:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> Deutsche Telekom has prepared an initial proposal for this working
> >> group. Please find the document here:
> >> http://openid.bitbucket.org/Mobile_Profile_initial_draft_016.pdf
> >>
> >> The main purpose of this document is to facilitate the discusion
> >> within the group about the challenges with have to cope with and the
> >> assumptions we base our work upon. It also sketches a potential
> >> solution (which is certainly open for discussions).
> >>
> >> "See" you on Tuesday.
> >>
> >> best regards,
> >> Torsten.
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