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HEART meeting 2018-04-09


Eve Maler

Nancy Lush

Luis Maas

Dr. Tom Sullivan

Julie Maas


Our current HEART home page is vague and forward-looking, and we’ve come a
long way since then. Nancy has proposed a new paragraph that’s more
accurate, which we’d like to put on the home page right away.

She and Debbie brainstormed a second paragraph that talks about HEART’s
benefits in “five different ways” and the pains without HEART.

It has become clear that there is a lack of understanding in the industry
that there is very little HEART understanding, while at the same time there
is demand for a solution that solves what HEART solves.

The slide Eve presented last time is great for the “why we need it”, but it
doesn’t describe the “how HEART achieves it”. The new “how” statement may
imply HIPAA is being used as a shield — we don’t want to let our working be
misinterpreted as suggesting this is a solution to work around HIPAA.
Rather, this is a way for a patient to exercise their rights under HIPAA
more effectively.

Julie turned in a use case — thank you! Nancy has also worked on a couple
of use cases. Eve owes an IoT use case.

In writing use cases, do we want to use visuals to show the “deployment
ecosystem”? Most especially, does the AS also run some or all of the RS’s?
We could use Eve’s slide build diagram to illustrate.

Which circumstances “need HEART”? Perhaps narrow ecosystems don’t strictly
need it. The HEART profiles may end up providing value, perhaps in concert
with Eve’s introduced notion of “identity relationship management” (the
“child-to-parent delegation” use case in three life stages), to help with
auditable proof even if the ecosystem wouldn’t normally suggest itself for
HEART. She showed an additional visualization technique that focuses on
business/legal use cases people could use.

Next whole-group meeting is April 30. Nancy will call an ad hoc small-group
meeting of the use case writers when she more writeups in hand.

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