[Openid-specs-heart] CHIME Launches $1M Challenge to Solve Patient ID Problem

Adrian Gropper agropper at healthurl.com
Mon Jan 25 13:52:51 UTC 2016

Establishing a separate URI for each patient is likely to be the only
stable solution to the patient ID problem. The issue, however, is how many
URIs will a patient be allowed to have? If the URIs are coercive, in the
sense of a chip or tattoo issued by government or an equivalent global
authority (Facebook?) or the URI is derived from DNA or an iris scan. (Iris
scans are a good positive IDs and can be read from 30 feet away with modern

Let's assume, for our purposes, that an iris scanner costs about as much as
a credit card terminal, cheap enough for every front office, ambulance, and
police car. Is the patient ID problem solved? I don't think so.

Patients can have one or more separate URIs in order to help manage their
health records. Today, we typically use email address for this purpose,
with WebFinger https://webfinger.net/ as a standardized way to discover
linked attributes such as the patient's UMA Authorization Server and the
associated public key.

UMA for patient ID brings numerous benefits including much greater
transparency and security. The patient now has a single portal (their UMA
AS) to view all current relationships under that particular patient ID
persona. The system is also much more resistant to data breaches as data
holders (UMA Resource Servers) must implement separate encryption keys for
each patient.

I think the HEART group is in a good position to compete for the CHIME
challenge on this basis and I'd be happy for me and PPR to help organize a


On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 1:20 PM, Aaron Seib <aaron.seib at nate-trust.org>

> I appreciate your expertise and action.
> I don't necessarily agree with some of your statements here but that is
> the beauty of open processes.
> Let's strive to do all we can - together.
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> Patient ID Problem
> This is pertinent to our data-sharing use cases.  There is no current
> solution to accurately sharing/gathering patients' clinical data stored
> among various repositories.  In turn, that makes applying access controls
> across all of a patient's data in those repositories difficult.   I'm happy
> to see Chime's challenge.
> However, the related problem of discovering where all of one's data might
> be is computationally intractable.  It is equally intractable to gather and
> combine all access permissions and regulatory restrictions on patients'
> data, even if there were a useful means to do so.  (Both are equivalent to
> the halting problem <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halting_problem>.)
> Having a single "source of truth" repository is one direction for a
> solution, as is having a single access permissions source.  Keeping them
> updated with new data and permissions is possible, even if difficult in the
> short run.
> However, establishing unique URIs for each patient's data and permissions
> is the same as having a universal patient identifier.  That might be
> subject to current Congressional funding restrictions.
> *The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives on Tuesday
> launched a $1 million National Patient ID Challenge to develop solutions to
> ensure 100 percent accuracy of every patient’s identity to reduce
> preventable medical errors.*
> *http://www.healthdatamanagement.com/news/chime-launches-1m-challenge-to-solve-patient-id-problem
> <http://www.healthdatamanagement.com/news/chime-launches-1m-challenge-to-solve-patient-id-problem>*
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