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thanks. i'll start working on it. will take me  a couple of weeks
On Jul 21, 2015 1:06 PM, "Debbie Bucci" <debbucci at gmail.com> wrote:

> Danny,
> Welcome and your use case would be welcomed.
> The current use case list can be found on our wiki  - best to follow the
> link on our resource page http://openid.net/wg/heart/resources/
> Adrian's use case is up next -
> https://bitbucket.org/openid/heart/wiki/Post-MI_Implant_and_Rehab -  once
> we have fully explored the PHR <->PCP use case.
> Glad to promptly post then add yours in the queue for
> discussion/dissection behind Adrian - once we get there.
> On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Danny van Leeuwen <danny at health-hats.com>
> wrote:
>> Attended my first call yesterday.  Somewhat over my head - some technical
>> stuff.  I need to learn about OAuth. Is Alice a generic patient?  Who's
>> Uma?  I loved the *UI of the possible*. I thought all hour , *How will
>> people be introduced to this tool? What will bring them back? Who or what
>> will be their guide?* I'm coming back because someone asked about *patient
>> goals*. When I speak and write I refer to the *people at the center of
>> care. *This includes individuals and caregivers.  When I blog (
>> www.health-hats.com weekly for 3 years) and speak people care about many
>> things not often addressed by technical folk: one is personal goals.  *What
>> am I, are we, trying to accomplish on my health journey?*  Certainly
>> end-of-life choices is one, but more frequently it's less pain, less fear,
>> more fun, managing my meds, hanging with friends and family, fitting in my
>> clothes, getting to work, getting to the doctor, having love in my life...
>> You get the drift - meaningful life. A person-centered tool needs to
>> support and track my goals.
>> A little bit about me:  I have multiple sclerosis, am a caregiver, a
>> nurse, and VP for Quality Management at www.Advocatesinc.org. providing
>> person-centered, community-based support services to about 23,000
>> individuals and families with mental illness, addictions, developmental
>> disabilities, autism, brain injury and other challenges in living across
>> the care continuum: 24/7 group homes, assisted living, outpatient, family
>> supports, community justice.I spent 4 years at Boston Children's leading
>> the Patient/Family Experience initiative. I was a founding member of HIMSS'
>> Connected Patient Committee and now serve on HIMSS Cost, Quality, and
>> Safety Committee.  I've been a reviewer for a few years for PCORI and was
>> just appointed as an inaugural member of their Communication and
>> Dissemination Advisory Team (elected co-chair). I spent several years
>> attending ONC's Blue Button Initiative on the Content Task Force.  I was
>> successful there expanding the definition of *care team * to include
>> family caregivers.  Completely unsuccessful trying to get 2 additions to
>> the core data set:  what works for me when I'm in pain, and what doesn't?
>> and what's works for me when I'm scared and what doesn't?  Although it's a
>> no-brainer for people at the center, I couldn't even get it discussed. I
>> was invited to speak at HIMSS14 and the World Medical Informatics
>> Conference about *Caregivers and Health IT*.
>> My take-away from the call yesterday was that I need to create another
>> Use Case from the point of view of an individual with serious medical and
>> behavioral health issues on medicaid and medicare receiving care from a
>> managed care company.  Is there time in the flow of the team's work to do
>> that?
>> I'm honored to be on a team with you all and thank Adrian for introducing
>> me to this group through Society for Participatory Medicine.
>> --
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>> magic levers of best health*
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