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Debbie Bucci debbucci at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 12:06:52 UTC 2015

For my own understanding/research/testing would someone please point me to
an operational [dynamic client discovery] registry in use today   I did not
see a link to one on the BB+ API site -  but that is where I'd like to
start -  I looked at the two obvious places but could only see options to
download bundles.     The spec looks complete - lots of thought went into
it.   I'd hope its in use somewhere.   If there are other projects using
one - that may be helpful as well -- at least to compare the schema.  I
know that SAML registries are used to express all sorts of relevant
technical and policy information and there was even a desire to have a
common registry across protocols.  If this is moving towards
standardization would be a good thing to know as well.
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