[Openid-specs-heart] Principles for selecting "Vanilla" OAuth vs. UMA

Debbie Bucci debbucci at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 12:05:17 UTC 2015

Thought the previous comments were just stating the facts.   There is a
perception that vanilla ouath2 clients and use cases could/would not
co-exist in an UMA supported environment    The context of that statement
was focused on the PCP-PHR use case.  You too had suggested PCP-PHR would
not touch UMA given its an Alice to Alice sharing event.

I distracted the call last week wanting to talk about the actual flows but
got back on track after Justin answered my nagging questions.  We are
proceeding through the use case identifying the core.   We with then circle
back around and discuss the nuts in bolts -  hopefully includes the
introduction flows of (client/resource registrations ) that folks (and the
standards for that matter) currently waive their their hands about.    If
there a gaps and implementation specific decisions need to be made -  I
think we should note them.
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