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Barbara L. Filkins filkins at impulse.net
Thu Jun 4 15:44:45 UTC 2015

I agree on B

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Hi Group,

We currently have a meeting scheduled for our usual slot of 4pm EDT on Monday 6/8, but I know that several of us (myself included) will be at the Cloud Identity Summit in San Diego next week, and the opening keynote is scheduled during that time.

I'd like to hear which of the following options people are interested in:

A) Keep the meeting, those who miss it will miss it and catch up on the list
B) Cancel the meeting, we'll resume the week after
C) Reschedule the meeting [ if you pick this please propose a day/time next week ]

I'm in favor of B, could live with A, and don't think C is worth the effort. Your thoughts?

  -- Justin
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