[Openid-specs-fapi] FYI: Event next week on decentralized financie etc. -- BGIN Block #3

Nat Sakimura nat at nat.consulting
Fri Jun 25 06:36:55 UTC 2021


I have an event to announce.
It is next week and called BGIN Block #3.
It lists speakers like

Sarah Olsen, Head of Business Development for Onyx, JP Morgan
Jonathan Fishman, Co-chair of FATF VACG (Virtual Assets Contact Group)
Jay Berg, Lead Developer, DexChain

on the first day, and there is a talk about SSI/DID/VC Japanese Financial
Services Agency(JFSA)-NRI joint study report by Mr Furukawa of NRI Secure
Technologies on Day 2.

In addition, Mr Ushida of the JFSA will give an overview of a forthcoming
document on the Present and Future of a Decentralized Financial System and
the associated Regulatory Considerations, which, of course, is closely
related to KYC/AML requirements.

The entire programme is published here: https://bgin-global.org/block_3/

You need to register by filling in this form:


Nat Sakimura
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