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Ralph Bragg ralph.bragg at raidiam.com
Thu Sep 17 08:40:36 UTC 2020

Hi Freddi,

This was raised with OBE, it will be interesting to watch the feedback from the other standards bodies.

Some to note, that whilst all standards bodies have “commuted” to aligning to this spec in Europe there is no agreed timescales to do so so with the b64 flag requirement, like we did in the U.K., the specification may be used as a driver to get address the library implementations handling of the b64 flag.

The kid flag and requirement was noted however as this profile is meant to be used with eidas certs where one of the goals was deterministic universal key identifiers without requiring reference to additional specs that define other header key identified values the group felt that these headers should be the mandatory values.

One area that’s already been raised in discussion, and should be again, is where does oidf / openid connect core see the intersection of this and other json signing specifications with the strictures already defined for id_tokens and Authorization Request objects and the like.

It’s less of an issue if we bound the discussion to “resource request signing” only but it’s an interesting question as we will have two signing standards in play. OP and RS’s. Is this something that we will always want to have going forward?

Ralph Bragg
Raidiam Services Ltd

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Subject: RE: External : [Openid-specs-fapi] FW: OBE JWS Profile - Version 0.10b for Approval

I want to raise a concern about “REQUIREMENT-2: The JWS header shall include b64 header parameter, as defined in RFC 7797 [3], set to false."

This is a breaking change from the signatures at Open Banking (which explicitly do not use this as we found that library support and interop issues that ensued as a result.

It would be good to understand the rationale for requiring this flag. If this was included to be aligned with OBIE, the situation on the ground has now actually changed.

Requirements in 5.3.2 are also a breaking change for OBIE (we rely on using `kid` alone to identify the signing key).

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Subject: External : [Openid-specs-fapi] FW: OBE JWS Profile - Version 0.10b for Approval

FYI – speak now or forever hold your peace.

Kind Regads,


From: Joao Daniel Parracho <j.parracho at openbankingeurope.eu<mailto:j.parracho at openbankingeurope.eu>>
Date: Wednesday, 16 September 2020 at 17:27
Cc: Nick Pope <nick.pope at openbankingeurope.eu<mailto:nick.pope at openbankingeurope.eu>>, "John Broxis (j.broxis at preta.eu<mailto:j.broxis at preta.eu>)" <j.broxis at preta.eu<mailto:j.broxis at preta.eu>>
Subject: OBE JWS Profile - Version 0.10b for Approval

Dear Colleagues,

OBE is pleased to distribute the OBE JWS Profile version 0.10b for your approval.  This has minor changes from the version 0.0.9 distributed earlier this year as listed in the document “Comments on OBE JWS profile v 0.9” and with specific revisions shown in document “PRETA-OBE-ID-000-010b-OBE JWS- proposed final draft for approval-with revs”.

It is proposed to finalise this approval at a meeting API and ETSI signature format experts on 22nd October at 15:00 CEST.  Can you let us known if you approve or have any remaining concerns with this document at least 1 week before this meeting date?  Also, if you wish to attend the meeting on 22nd October and are unable to make this date please let us know  as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


João Parracho

Communications & Engagement Consultant | Open Banking Europe

j.parracho at openbankingeurope.eu<mailto:j.parracho at openbankingeurope.eu>

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