[Openid-specs-fapi] Issue #314: FAPI-RW 1.0 certification tests using PAR (openid/fapi)

josephheenan issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Thu Sep 10 17:16:54 UTC 2020

New issue 314: FAPI-RW 1.0 certification tests using PAR

Joseph Heenan:

The OIDF certification team \(based on some work by Kumar Jayanti and some further work by Authlete\) now have FAPI-RW certification tests that can run against a server that supports only PAR, and also do some PAR-specific tests.

These tests have been tested against 3 implementations \(and at least one more hopefully in progress\), and appear to be correct and up to date with the current draft of the PAR standard. \(I shall leave it up to those implementors whether they wish to be publicly mentioned.\)  
We’d appreciate any feedback from the working group about when they feel certification tests for FAPI with PAR could be launched.

The main reason this requires a bit of thought/insight from the work group is that the PAR spec is still a draft.

The reason we would want to launch them soon is that Australian CDR plan to roll out PAR starting from November 2020, which is pretty soon, and it would seem advantageous to have officially endorsed tests available prior to that.

Any thoughts are most welcome.

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