[Openid-specs-fapi] Responding to OBE JWS Profile version 0.10b

Francis Pouatcha fpo at adorsys.de
Thu Oct 1 02:45:56 UTC 2020

Hello Dave, here is my feedback:

Section 3 and 4 are written as a summary of extracts of RFC7515 and
RFC7797. This can be confusing when text is not transfered untempered. Both
section summarize into following requirements:
-> compact serialization
-> unencoded payload
-> detached payload

Section 5.3.2 deals with key management, representation and validation.
This is too tight to PSD2/eiDAS legislation. OBE is correct as the document
is written for the PSD2 legislation area, but it makes the document
unusable for other markets.

RECOMMENDATION-24 is confusing.

As for the canonicalization of the content to be signed (headers, boddy),
I understand why OBE relies on draft-cavage-http-signatures-10 and RFC3230
as they will otherwise have to reinvent the wheel.

My suggestion:
- Suggest the draft of a legislation independent specification on how to
sign FAPI messages. This spec shall abstracted from Key and Certificate
specifics so as to allow each legislation to derive a profile fitting into
it's trust framework (e.g. OBE/ETSI JAdES for PSD2).
- This specification could be hosted by FAPI, based on the current OBE
draft and driven by OBE and current FAPI members.

Best regards.

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 11:41 AM Dave Tonge via Openid-specs-fapi <
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> Dear WG
> We discussed on the call today that it may be a good idea to prepare a
> response to Open Banking Europe based on their soon to be published JWS
> profile.
> It would be good to get some feedback from WG members.
> Discussion so far has been around:
>  - base64 encoding
>  - recommending that sensitive data is put in request body rather than
> headers
>  - the reliance on draft-cavage for info on how to prepare the signing
> material
> It would be good to get some further feedback so that we can agree on a
> response.
> Please can members who have an interest in this area, review the attached
> and reply to this email.
> Thanks
> Dave Tonge
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