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Chris Michael Chris.Michael at openbanking.org.uk
Wed Mar 25 10:56:43 UTC 2020

Hi Dave, Nat, Don & Co

Further to our FAPI w/g call last week, I promised to send some details re proposed FAPI workshop to you all. I think this should be a joint OIDF/OBIE agenda as below. Assuming we agree this, proposed actions are:

  1.  Agree date/time – proposed 27 or 28 April (2pm-5pm UK time)
  2.  Agree format and tool (choice of MS Teams, Zoom, Google)
  3.  OIDF to send to all FAPI w/g members
  4.  OBIE to send to enrolled ASPSPs, TPPs, TSPs

Can we try and agree on the call later today (I will be c15min late).


Subject: Conformance and certification for open banking

The prime audience for this is banks, TPPs and vendors supporting the UK Open Banking (OBIE) standard. The secondary audience is anyone else supporting a similar related standard based on FAPI. The purpose is to share updates on both the FAPI and OBIE standards, and demonstrate/encourage wider use of conformance tools, and ultimately realise a much greater level of certifications.


Welcome and introduction (inc on why conformance and certification is critical) – Chris/Don/Nat
Current status of FAPI and OBIE certifications - Chris

Part 1 – Hosted by OIDF/FAPI w/g

Update on latest drafts of FAPI and CIBA (inc future planned updates) – Torsten/Nat/Dave
Demo of conformance tools (for all use cases, inc App-App) - Joseph
Q&A on the specs and tools - All

Part 2 – Hosted by OBIE

Summary of the OBIE Standard (functional APIs and DCR) – Freddi
Demo of conformance tools (for AIS, PIS, CBPII, DCR) – Glyn/Julian
Q&A on specs and tools – All


Open discussion on issues preventing conformance / certification for ASPSPs and TPPs - All
Next steps (what else can OBIE/OIDF do to help) - All
Summary and next steps – Chris/Don/Nat

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