[Openid-specs-fapi] Issue #295: Possible support for "embedded" SCA mode (openid/fapi)

Joseph Heenan joseph at authlete.com
Thu Jun 4 08:40:03 UTC 2020

> On 4 Jun 2020, at 09:30, Torsten Lodderstedt <torsten at lodderstedt.net> wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
>> I think there’s definitely an argument for this new endpoint allowing, somehow, for multiple alternative flows (including CIBA or a redirect) to result based on AS/RP capabilities & the situation of which methods the user has available + various risk indicators.
>> Fully appreciate your points about OAuth2 and I’m not sure how cleanly it’s possible to do the above within the constraints of OAuth2.
> What constraints do you have in mind?

I’m not sure, but across the existing RFC/IETF drafts/OIDF specs there are multiple ways of initiating an oauth2 flow, each of which returns it’s own kind of what is essentially a handle for the request, and I’m not sure there’s a neat way for a new endpoint to send the client down alternative paths.

For example, a pushed authentication request might/could contain all the information necessary info for the AS to give an idea of which flows to return. It would be a bit unnatural perhaps to start a flow by sending a request to the new endpoint we’ve invented in this thread, only for the AS to then say “based on that I want you to do a redirect flow, start by resending what you just send me to the pushed authentication request endpoint”. Similarly the CIBA endpoint currently receives roughly the same set of info.


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