[Openid-specs-fapi] CDS <-> FAPI/OIDC Analysis

Stuart Low stuart at biza.io
Wed Jan 22 00:59:37 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I've recently done a draft update of the analysis of the emerging
Australian CDS specification against the underlying specifications for
FAPI, OpenID and Oauth2 and the latest CDS Standards (1.1.1). I've
included a scenario analysis based on direction between CDS -> FAPI,
FAPI -> CDS, OpenID -> CDS, CDS -> FAPI. This led Joseph to ask a
specific question regarding the use of "Signed only ID Tokens" (ticket

This analysis is currently available in a branch named
cds-spec-analysis-1.1.1 and is available here:

A summary of changes is in the README.md with a clause by clause
analysis of the underlying specs in individual markdown files.

I would *greatly *appreciate if participants could review this analysis
and provide improvements, suggestions or corrections to it's content.



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