[Openid-specs-fapi] Call for Participation for Subgroup for the creation of a recommendation on the course of FAPI certifications

Nat Sakimura nat at digitalideas.tokyo
Wed Dec 16 15:32:13 UTC 2020

Dear FAPIers:

This is a call for participation for the subgroup that is tasked to create
a recommendation on the course of FAPI Certifications.

Some issues are identified around the certification as of today. They

   1. Versioning of the conformance test suite.
   2. The validity period of the license to use the mark.
   3. Dispute resolution mechanism when a deployment is found to be not
   meeting the conformance requirements.
   4. T&C issues associated with all the above.

This mail also acts as the call for volunteers for co-chairing the
Ralph Bragg kindly volunteered already for this position, but we need at
least one more.

Please respond to this thread to participate in the group or if you are
interested to co-chair.


Nat Sakimura
FAPI WG Chair.
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