[Openid-specs-fapi] Australian CDR Concurrent Consent

Nicholas Irving nirving at darkedges.com
Tue Apr 21 02:13:27 UTC 2020

You have hit the nail on the head with your last comment, as that is
something I have felt from the beginning. I would prefer standards over
commercial but it seems they are being lead by people concerned with
selling their products and it shone through in a number of meetings.

Also the architects solve problems by making it the implementors problem,
without thinking about the impact to existing systems.


On Tue, 21 Apr 2020, 11:32 Stuart Low via Openid-specs-fapi, <
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> Hi there,
> The Australian Data Standards Body has released an updated concurrent
> consent proposal here:
> https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/files/4490840/Decision.99.-.Concurrent.Consent.pdf
> Despite submissions from numerous participants including the FAPI WG the
> DSB seems to be determined to adopt their own untested approach to
> consent management while acknowledging it will be unsuitable for known
> future requirements. The proposals put forward by the FAPI WG have been
> "considered" but not adopted for either unspecified reasons or due to
> their "draft" status which is ironic since the proposal from the DSB
> appears to be not only draft in nature but by and large not yet
> implemented by participants.
> The vendor landscape within Australia is quite limited but the two
> primary parties involved are both OIDF members. It remains to be seen as
> to whether they will prioritise commercial benefit over international
> standards alignment.
> Stuart
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