[Openid-specs-fapi] Issue #268: [ACDS] Response regarding OIDC Dynamic Registration / SSA (openid/fapi)

Stuart Low issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Wed Sep 4 00:26:47 UTC 2019

New issue 268: [ACDS] Response regarding OIDC Dynamic Registration / SSA

Stuart Low:

As per the FAPI Pacific call this morning an action was taken to create an issue regarding whether a unified FAPI WG response was possible regarding the discussion around Client Registration method within the implementation of the Australian Consumer Data Right. 

The specific GitHub thread is here: [https://github.com/cdr-register/register/issues/23](https://github.com/cdr-register/register/issues/23)

The specification in Slate format is here: [[https://cdr-register.github.io/register/](https://cdr-register.github.io/register/)](https://cdr-register.github.io/register)

I believe it was @{557058:6b060283-f23d-46e4-9884-fe7c16c8024b} that highlighted the specific section which outlines the current Static registration approach intended: [https://cdr-register.github.io/register/#static-client-registration](https://cdr-register.github.io/register/#static-client-registration)

I’m happy to discuss further in the Atlantic FAPI WG call tonight. 

I’m marking this as _major_ only because there is a time sensitivity as the ACCC intends to make a decision, most likely, this week.

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