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Yes - would you like to contact me off list and I can try to explain it?

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> Hi List,
> I'm currently exploring Open Banking APIs for payments.
> I have a hard time finding public  information regarding how to deal with
> OAuth tokens:
> https://standards.openbanking.org.uk/customer-experience-guidelines/pis-core-journeys/single-domestic-payments-supplementary-information/latest/
> http://w3c.github.io/payment-method-credit-transfer/#payer-initiated-through-payee
> Is there any mailing list dealing with such issues?
> This is my current (probably very n00b) problem/question:
> In order to perform any operation you must have a valid OAuth token, right?
> If the payer has no relation with the PISP, a new OAuth token must be
> created for each payment, right?
> Doesn't that lead to building an ever increasing heap of OAuth tokens in
> the ASPSP unless it caches the combination User + PISP?
> Does somebody out there have a complete flow chart for a
> Merchant/PISP/PSU/ASPSP payment?
> thanx
> Anders
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