[Openid-specs-fapi] Modal dialog discussion for federation.

John Bradley ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com
Mon Oct 21 17:55:29 UTC 2019

We discussed this at IIW and on a call.

I am reposting this from the WebAuthn list.  I think people can follow the

We should try and engage on this.

It won't solve all our issues but may solve some issues especially for SPA,
and FAPI.

John B.

Hi WebAuthn,

As the chair of the Web Payments WG and co-author of this proposal I'd
appreciate your feedback.

The proposal came out of a need for cross-origin UI to facilitate payments
use cases where the payer and payee applications are in different origins.

We heard at TPAC that there are also use cases of interest to Web Authn
with similar requirements (such as SSO) so we'd appreciate your feedback.

The proposal was posted to WICG here and includes links to an explainer
with more details:

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