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As part of the OpenID Foundation liaison with the Financial Data Exchange liaison, I’ve share this below with our POCs.
They send along their thanks.

On Nov 7, 2019, at 7:54 AM, Dave Tonge via Openid-specs-fapi <openid-specs-fapi at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-fapi at lists.openid.net>> wrote:

Thanks for sharing Torsten.
And thank you to you and Daniel for doing the work in documenting this vulnerability so well.

On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 at 16:37, Torsten Lodderstedt via Openid-specs-fapi <openid-specs-fapi at lists.openid.net<mailto:openid-specs-fapi at lists.openid.net>> wrote:
Hi all,

FYI - NextGenPSD2 (Berlin Group) just published a Security Bulletin giving advice on how the Cross-Browser Payment Initiation vulnerability can be solved.

Here is the link: https://77cb457b-3353-4bdc-8ab6-ff6bb2ccdc98.filesusr.com/ugd/c2914b_bb07abe08ea243ebbf32fde89d7b65e7.pdf

This all goes back to our joint security analysis of UK OB, STET and BG and, again, underlines the strength and importance of this working group!

thank you all!

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From: Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 <info at berlin-group.org<mailto:info at berlin-group.org>>
Subject: NextGenPSD2 Notification
Date: 7. November 2019 at 11:43:22 CET
To: torsten at yes.com<mailto:torsten at yes.com>

Dear Torsten Lodderstedt,

In the last months, Third Party Providers (TPPs) and banks have been working hard to meet the 14 September 2019 PSD2 regulatory compliancy deadline. Also from a standards development perspective it has not been an easy road to get here but your overwhelming support has been quite helpful for NextGenPSD2. A market survey compiled right before summer has revealed that the standard has already been implemented by more than 3,000 banks/processor hubs and several hundreds of large and small TPPs in Europe. We very much appreciate your support in completing the NextGenPSD2 Framework and want to thank you for your exciting feedback (as well as for a few less exciting reported glitches…). We also take your support as proof that the market has really been able to cooperate in a balanced and fair market represented open governance, with equity and fairness among participants, on the development of open, harmonised and interoperable PSD2 account access standards, creating maximum reachability and acceptance, and with the opportunity to unlocking new business opportunities and creating competitive services of which ultimately the end-customers will benefit. As an open standardisation initiative, Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 has delivered a modern, open, harmonised and interoperable set of PSD2-compliant Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and we are pleased to report that NextGenPSD2 has even generated a lot of interest outside of the European Union, e.g. from Israel where the central Bank of Israel has adopted NextGenPSD2 in a country-wide implementation program, and recently from Russia, Iceland and Asia-Pacific areas. NextGenPSD2 is now covering the requirements from more than 60 organisations from 28 countries and a group of already 48 TPPs, FinTechs, IT Providers, merchants and trade organisations are counselling on the future direction of NextGenPSD2 in the NextGenPSD2 Advisory Board.

In discussions with TPPs, banks and regulators we used the past months to clear up the imperfections that accompany every major compliancy release and in fact, our efforts in evolving the standards with new functionalities are still continuing and we are working to further integrate incoming regulatory clarifications. An example of such clarification has been the recent mandate of some National Competent Authorities (e.g. from Austria and Germany) to support account information reporting of standing orders. When new clarifications arrive we will again be fast in adjusting the NextGenPSD2 Framework as well.

Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 is pleased to inform you of today’s publication of several additions to the NextGenPSD2 Framework:

  *   a Security Bulletin that clarifies mitigation measures against session attacks in a Redirect Strong Customer Authentication approach that also increases awareness on the high importance of context data for bank risk management.
  *   an extension to the NextGenPSD2 Implementation Guidelines covering an optional extended Standing Orders Report Service. This extended service might be fully integrated into the future Version 2 of the NextGenPSD2 Framework.
  *   and an updated Catalogue of Change Requests, showing the status and classification of all submitted and assessed Change Requests with a link to the detailed Change Requests document.

All these documents are available for download on the NextGenPSD2 downloads page: https://www.berlin-group.org/nextgenpsd2-downloads<http://743q.mjt.lu/lnk/AM0AAFRIkUkAAchC4XwAAATOBkwAAABKnaoAAJggAArafgBdw_VPu9FrvE0bRFe75FVnYq1z7QAKu2E/1/NRV9uMKt-V-hpoqaJRI5UA/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmVybGluLWdyb3VwLm9yZy9uZXh0Z2VucHNkMi1kb3dubG9hZHM>

Separate from this publication, new errata (mainly editorial comments, without major impact), clarifications on providing the legal account owner name in Account Information Services, a new version of an OpenAPI file and an updated version of the Domestic Payment Definitions Appendix will all be published soon as well. A new sub-release 1.3.5 of the NextGenPSD2 Implementation Guidelines with the aforementioned extensions and errata will then be published towards the end of this year and next year we will release the major update version 2.0 which will also integrate the first set of value added premium services. Another important effort for next year will be the focus on continued alignment and convergence with other standardisation initiatives in a process facilitated by SWIFT.

If you have any standards related questions or issues, please contact us via info at berlin-group.org<mailto:info at berlin-group.org>. Implementation support is provided by market initiatives (an example of this can be found at https://nisp.online<http://743q.mjt.lu/lnk/AM0AAFRIkUkAAchC4XwAAATOBkwAAABKnaoAAJggAArafgBdw_VPu9FrvE0bRFe75FVnYq1z7QAKu2E/2/q_zWxaKUm214BGgWdY66_A/aHR0cHM6Ly9uaXNwLm9ubGluZQ>).

Until next time and with kind regards, Berlin Group NextGenPSD2

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