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FYI  We talked about this on the Connect call this morning.

*Subject:* Open Banking | Premium API Idea Submission Process


*_Sent on behalf of Huw Davies & Mark Santall_*

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*Premium API idea submission process*


Dear Open Banking Stakeholders,


With the closing date for responses to the first wave of premium API
candidates tonight the 13^th  June 2019 (see attached email
titled Open Banking / Premium APIs on the 31^st  May 2019), OBIE now
invites Stakeholders to submit their proposal and ideas for future
Premium API for our consideration, this submission process will be
continually available until further notice.


The ultimate aim of course is for Premium APIs to assist in accelerating
the adoption of open banking whilst, at the same time, delivering value
and benefit to PSUs.


Submissions meeting these objectives and deemed to best met by
developing a standard that supports adoption at a whole of market level,
will be added to the list of Premium API candidates for future
consideration and development.  



Premium API submission form


Please describe (as far as possible) and articulate your ideas, aligned
with the below 3 key parameters:

* *

*Scale of Opportunity*

o   Does it unlock significant use cases / verticals / opportunities
(potential to include commercial opportunity position)?

o   Does it remove significant barriers to adoption?

o   Does it enable interoperability across EU and other markets?

*Is it a Force for Good?*

o   Does it help negate the need for screen scraping to continue?

o   Is it aligned with financial inclusion? e.g. easing access to
financial services, or enabling lending to SME's

o   Does it create obvious benefit to PSU (Consumer / SME) consumer
protection? - (reduction in fraud - possible move to scale of opportunity)

*Delivery Complexity*

o   Speed of delivery

o   Cost of delivery

o   Technical complexity

o   Market complexity

o   Alignment with existing solutions


For any questions please contact either Huw Davies or Mark Santall.


Kind Regards


*Mark Santall***

Product Manager | Open Banking Limited


*image001.png at 01D2FF12.DE00E320*


*T:*  +44 7881 943 382    

*E:  *mark.santall at openbanking.org.uk
<mailto:mark.santall at openbanking.org.uk>

* *

*A:*  2 Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YN

*W*: www.openbanking.org.uk


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