[Openid-specs-fapi] Today's call

Joseph Heenan joseph at authlete.com
Wed Jun 19 05:33:36 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Hopefully the chairs don’t mind me getting out in ahead of the announcement of today’s agenda:

As mentioned on last week’s call, we’d like to get FAPI-CIBA spec ready to start a vote for Implementer’s Draft status, primarily due to OpenBanking in the UK requesting that the spec is in a state that banks can start to deploy it.

I have opened pull requests to close off a few things, it should be great if people could review these and provide any comments prior to today’s call please:


There are still a few issues to be discussed, if possible do review the other open FAPI-CIBA issues and provide your input.

(I’ve also opened some pull requests for part 1 / 2; any comments on these are most welcome please but they are less time sensitive.)



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