[Openid-specs-fapi] Review of Australian data sharing standards

Postnikov, Dima Dima.Postnikov at cba.com.au
Wed Jul 17 14:59:46 UTC 2019

More information on the current version of Australian standards. It would be great to get more feedback from this WG

	Registry design done by ACCC https://cdr-register.github.io/register/#introduction 

	Security profile by Data61 https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/#security-profile 

	Feedback for current version standards can be added here https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/79 

	Security review by Fortian https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/files/3401837/Consumer_Data_Right_Security_Review_Final.pdf

	Decisions based on the security review https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/files/3401842/Decision.078.-.Independent.Information.Security.Review.pdf

	Feedback for security review to be added here https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/78 

Other decisions:
	-	No consent / intent API https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/77 
	-	Auth flow – Redirect with OTP https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/76 

Other documents and references:
	●        an updated version of the Draft API standards (v0.9.5) for utilisation in the pilot testing phase https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/#standards  
	●        a draft of the CX Guidelines https://consumerdatastandards.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CX_Guidelines_v0.9.5.pdf

Invitation from Data61 to provide feedback:
"We know that many in the community have been monitoring the open discussions relating to the draft CDS and have actively contributed to making these drafts what they are, with feedback in workshops, on GitHub, via email and in bilateral discussions. We thank the Consumer Data Rights (CDR) community for their active participation which has helped develop these draft standards and encourage everyone to continue to help evolve these as living standards to serve the future CDR regime."

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Hi all,

The Australians just published the latest draft of their standards, including a security review that I thought it would also be of interest to WG members:


Ralph has already summarised it very well so I shan’t attempt to also do so, see his linkedin post:




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