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On 2019-01-08 15:08, Dave Tonge via Openid-specs-fapi wrote:
> Hi WG,
> There is work going on in ISO TC68 SC9 on a "Technical Specification for Web Service Based Application Programming Interfaces in Financial Services (WAPI)"
> I've attached the latest draft and it would be good to get comments from this WG, specifically on Section 12 - Security & Authentication. You will see that the draft directly references and requires the use of FAPI and the conformance suite.

Hi Dave,
I skimmed the document and here are a couple of comments.

7.4.1  JSON

   "Another advantage that JSON has over XML is that its representation
    of objects and arrays allows for direct mapping onto the corresponding
    data structures in the host language, corresponding directly to the object
    of JavaScript, so code to parse and package it fits very naturally into
    JavaScript code, but XML needs to have an analytical process"

This is correct given a constraint; the data has to fit the I-JSON model:
AFAIK there is currently not single IETF standard based on JSON data structures that (directly or indirectly) follows this model.  This may be worth mentioning.

12.5.1  Signing HTTP Requests & Responses
FWIW, I have just finished the 5:th fully interoperable version [1] of https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-rundgren-json-canonicalization-scheme-02 which is designed to support signed JSON objects for REST, JS-APIs, WebSockets etc.

I did run into some problems with .NET due to a floating point parser bug but MSFT took my bug report serious and actually fixed it.

JWS/JWT?  Most certainly!  In-line?  This seems to be an open question given the UK and French Open Banking APIs.

1]: Java8, Python3, Go1.11, Node 6, and .NET Core3

> Thanks
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