[Openid-specs-fapi] Fwd: Letter from Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis: Comments about Redirection

Anders Rundgren anders.rundgren.net at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 13:31:09 UTC 2019

On 2019-02-22 13:25, nat at sakimura.org wrote:
> And interestingly, the Nordic countries support OpenID Connect in the redirect modes. It is actually quite interesting that people gets impression that redirects are user unfriendly where in fact if done correctly, it is hardly noticeable by the user. I probably should bmake a  YouTube video about it. 

In a two-party scenario like a Fintech + Bank it can work fairly smooth.

For a three-party scenario like Merchant + PISP + Bank, the UX part as a whole seems like a challenge.  That's the video I would like to see!


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