[Openid-specs-fapi] Announcing FAPI-RW conformance testing for RPs

Serkan Özkan serkan.ozkan at oidf.org
Wed Dec 4 18:37:34 UTC 2019

Conformance profile for FAPI-RW RPs are now ready for you to test and use in pilot mode, which means that certifications are open to OpenID Foundation members, and are free. If you aren’t a member and want to certify during the pilot phase, you can join at https://openid.net/foundation/members/registration.

See the RP testing instructions, https://openid.net/certification/fapi_rp_testing/, for how to get started. Please help us test the tests and certify your FAPI-RW RP implementations! Please also see https://openid.net/certification/fapi_rp_submission/ for submission instructions.

Any questions about OpenID Certification can be sent to certification at oidf.org.


Serkan Özkan, on behalf of the OIDF certification team
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