[Openid-specs-fapi] Diffs between FAPI and ACDS

Nat Sakimura nat at sakimura.org
Fri Aug 9 02:20:18 UTC 2019

Dear FAPIers:

As we have discussed in this week's call, now we have the list of 
differences between the Australian Consumer Data Standard and OIDC/FAPI.
Here is the link to the living document that is going to be updated as 
we find new things.


Some of the changes are quite substantial. e.g., removing iss, renamign 
client_id to client-id, etc., and we really do not get why they are done 

Thus, we also plan to send a letter as the WG to ACDS asking to clarify 
why these changes are made.
The draft letter is found below. You can use the link to ask to access 
the document.


As they seem to have a meeting next Wednesday Australia Time, it would 
be best to send it out before that.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Nat Sakimura
Chair, FAPI WG

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