[Openid-specs-fapi] ISO TC68 / SC9 / WG2 - Best way to reference FAPI spec

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Here is the list of two options that I had in mind in the call:

  1.  OIDF to submit FAPI Part 1 and 2 as Publicly Available Standard to TC 68.
  2.  OIDF to submit FAPI part 1 and 2 as Publicly Available Standard to SC 27.

SC 27 is the committee for information security and as Part 1 and 2 is applicable beyond just Banking, it may be more appropriate to do so to SC 27.


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Hi all

There is currently work undergoing within ISO TC68 (the group at ISO responsible for financial standards) to create a standard for financial APIs.

From a FAPI perspective I think we have the following options (Nat mentioned that there may be a few more)

1. We contribute the entire text of parts 1 and 2 and it is published as part of a technical specification by ISO.

 - Many initiatives around the world are looking to ISO for guidance on the development of standards based financial APIs. This isn't just in the PSD2 use case of access to accounts, but includes settlement, forex, corporate, treasury, etc.

 - There isn't necessarily the right expertise in TC68/SC9 to continue to develop the standard
 - ISO isn't a "natural" home for a spec like this
 - OIDF is developing conformance tests for FAPI specs, it would be better for the tests, certification and specs to live within them same body

2. We work with SC9/WG2 to reference FAPI parts 1 and 2 rather than include the whole text.
To get this through the ISO process, it would be helpful if we could move parts 1 and 2 past the draft stage to final specification before the ISO work completes.

 - OIDF is best home for this spec with the right expertise and the conformance tests / certification process
 - We can continue to update the spec or add other parts

 - Maybe doesn't lend quite the same authority to the spec by having it referenced rather than included fully.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. We need to make a decision one way or the other by the end of June.

Thank you

Dave Tonge
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