[Openid-specs-fapi] ISO TC68 / SC9 / WG2 - Best way to reference FAPI spec

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Fapi is not a financial API and imho doesn't belong in TC 68.

thx ..Tom (mobile)

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> Hi all
> There is currently work undergoing within ISO TC68 (the group at ISO
> responsible for financial standards) to create a standard for financial
> APIs.
> From a FAPI perspective I think we have the following options (Nat
> mentioned that there may be a few more)
> *1. We contribute the entire text of parts 1 and 2 and it is published as
> part of a technical specification by ISO.*
> Pros:
>  - Many initiatives around the world are looking to ISO for guidance on
> the development of standards based financial APIs. This isn't just in the
> PSD2 use case of access to accounts, but includes settlement, forex,
> corporate, treasury, etc.
> Cons:
>  - There isn't necessarily the right expertise in TC68/SC9 to continue to
> develop the standard
>  - ISO isn't a "natural" home for a spec like this
>  - OIDF is developing conformance tests for FAPI specs, it would be better
> for the tests, certification and specs to live within them same body
> *2. We work with SC9/WG2 to reference FAPI parts 1 and 2 rather than
> include the whole text.*
> To get this through the ISO process, it would be helpful if we could move
> parts 1 and 2 past the draft stage to final specification before the ISO
> work completes.
> Pros:
>  - OIDF is best home for this spec with the right expertise and the
> conformance tests / certification process
>  - We can continue to update the spec or add other parts
> Cons:
>  - Maybe doesn't lend quite the same authority to the spec by having it
> referenced rather than included fully.
> I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. We need to make a decision one way
> or the other by the end of June.
> Thank you
> --
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