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Please see below for the latest from the Berlin Group

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Subject: Berlin Group publishes Version 1.0 of the NextGenPSD2 Framework
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Today, the Berlin Group has published Version 1.0 of the NextGenPSD2 Access
to Accounts (XS2A) Framework that enables Third Party Providers (TPPs) to
access bank accounts under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).
Version 1.0 integrates extensive public market consultation feedback and is
based on the European Commission adopted European Banking Authority (EBA)
Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for Strong Customer Authentication and
Common and Secure Open Standards of Communication.

Based on open industry standards, the NextGenPSD2 Framework offers a
modern, harmonised and interoperable set of Application Programming
Interfaces (APIs) as the safest and most efficient way to provide data
securely. The NextGenPSD2 Framework reduces XS2A complexity, addresses the
problem of multiple competing standards in Europe and, aligned with the
goals of the Euro Retail Payments Board, enables European banking customers
to benefit from innovative products and services (‘Banking as a Service’)
by granting TPPs safe and secure (authenticated and authorised) access to
their bank accounts and financial data. The APIs support the PSD2 required
account information (AIS), payment issuer instrument (PIIS) and payment
initiation (PIS) services and are among others built on RESTful and JSON
standards, relying on ISO20022 standards for the data elements to be

The NextGenPSD2 Framework aligns with market requirements as expressed in
the market feedback from the public market consultation of October/November
2017 for which a total of approximately 1,000 market comments from 59
organisations have been processed. The Framework also integrates applicable
legislations and regulations as it is based on the European Commission
adopted EBA RTS version (adopted on 27 November 2017). The NextGenPSD2
Framework Version 1.0 comprises Operational Rules and Implementation
Guidelines and is ready to be used by banks and TPPs for implementing
PSD2-required bank account access.

The NextGenPSD2 Framework has been made available for download on the
Berlin Group website (www.berlin-group.org/psd2-access-to-bank-accounts).
For your convenience, the NextGenPSD2 Framework Version 1.0 documents are
already attached to this message (the Introduction document in a
low-resolution version to accommodate email transport; a high-resolution
version can be downloaded on the website).

*Future work*

With this Version 1.0 publication we continue to reach out to market
participants for further improvement. Your future feedback with suggestions
for improvement is kindly received at info at berlin-group.org.

The Version 1.0 Framework documents will be complemented in early March
2018 with an OpenAPI technical specification, a detailed FAQ document and a
resolved market consultation feedback issues document.

The Version 1.0 Framework documents still assume the need for further
standardisation items, extensions, and clarifications in consultation with
National Competent Authorities and the European Banking Authority. It is
currently difficult to anticipate how much time is needed for these work
items. In the coming months we will frequently issue errata documents with
textual improvements and further regulatory clarifications as soon as they
occur. A minor release update V1.1 might then follow after the summer 2018.

*Further market involvement*

Current NextGenPSD2 governance restricts participation to the market
supply-side that is mandated by PSD2 and EBA RTS to provide an XS2A
interface and is liable for any damages. However, NextGenPSD2 aims to
provide a more permanent governance structure that involves broader market
interests as well. Further details are likely to become available towards
the end of Q1 2018. We will update you as soon as possible.

kind regards,

Berlin Group NextGenPSD2

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