[Openid-specs-fapi] The FAPI Security Model - Under Fire

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On 2018-02-25 03:44, n-sakimura via Openid-specs-fapi wrote:
> Could you guys please elaborate a little more?

Note: If this list is exclusively intended for discussing pure technical issues with the specification rather than the environment where it is supposed to used, this message has landed in the wrong forum.

As far as I understand the decoupled authentication model is indeed used by US TTPs like "Venmo" and "Zelle".

However, all these systems are proprietary and secret so I'm just guessing here.

Going back to the UK and EU, the idea is that independent payment providers compete with fees, core features, and user interfaces.  This can only be realized if each of them run a network of their own [1] including authentication of customers.

This has major implications beyond security.  In theory this concept will foster innovation and competition. In practice it will probably rather lead to fragmentation [2] and after an expected shakeout [3], reduce the number of national players to one or two which is essentially the opposite to the (good) intention.

The Scandinavian banks separated their Open Banking and Mobile Payment efforts with exceptionally good results (adoption rate) for the latter.


1] "Pass-through" services like PISPs offer limited power and flexibility
2] All "Apps" behave differently making consumers and merchants unhappy
3] The current consolidation among payment providers shows that volume is everything

> Nat Sakimura
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> yeah, that fits the UK business model.
> It wont fly in the US however.
> Peace ..tom
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>     Hi FAPIers,
>     As a curious person I have always wondered how Open Banking/PISP/SCA would combine with Amazon's famous one-click checkout.
>     Various LinkedIn and Slack conversations have revealed the (ugly?) truth.
>     The intention (at least in the UK), is giving OAuth tokens "eternal life" and rather letting PISPs (Amazon is expected to be a one), deal with payer authorization.  This faithfully emulates the "card-on-file" system that powers most US based super providers.
>     Cheers,
>     Anders
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