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Thanks, Dave. 

So, are you saying that ERPB (European) industry group on APIs which you
are co-chairing will be vetting the APIs for the compliance? That sounds
very positive. 

On the topic of no-redirections, would something like CIBA counts for
redirection? IMHO, it does not make sense from the security point of
view to have the user put his bearer token aka password into the TPP
apps. With CIBA, redirection is not involved but we can still avoid the
above problem. 


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On 2017-10-11 23:21, Dave Tonge via Openid-specs-fapi wrote: 

> Dear FAPI Working Group 
> As discussed on the call, here is the latest information we have on the RTS: 
>> 1. RTS is in the final stages of approval by EC - expected early Nov (effective date likely to be Sept 2019). On screen scraping (known as the fall back option) the draft EC proposal is that PSP firms will be able to seek a regulatory exemption, to be granted by the competent authority, to avoid having to supporting screen scraping at all. To obtain an exception will require a vetting process based upon at least the following criteria: 
>> a. The APIs are technically PSD2/RTS compliant 
>> b. They are available 3 months ahead of implementation 
>> c. They have been market tested 
>> d. They adhere to specific performance criteria 
>> The EC also proposes that the ERPB (European) industry group on APIs, that I established and which I co-chair, could, de facto, become the industry group to 'vet' APIs with support and active participation by EC (DG FISMA and DG COMP) and including the national competent authorities (like FCA). This is a very significant and incredibly positive development as the EC is effectively saying that they want to 'bless' industry to guide them, the regulators,to get this right. 
>> Therefore, the OB PSD2 APIs would conceivably have to go through this vetting and approval process, which illustrates the importance of aligning our PSD2 roadmap assumptions based on the direction set at European level. This will help to avoid divergence between standards at the national level. 
>> 2. There have been some questions recently about the redirection model for PSU authorisation and whether it is PSD2 compliant. Directionally, the EC supports the view that "APIs must support all authentication procedures provided by the ASPSP to the PSU, but must not require the TPP to have to use the redirect option". Strictly speaking, the EC is not banning redirection, but it does support the view that a TPP should not have to be forced to use it. Logically therefore, it cannot be the only option available. The EC also supports the view that the TPP must be "free from constraints to innovate the design of the user interface for the PSU's consent and authorisation journey for both PIS and AIS". Within the ERPB API group we agreed yesterday in Brussels to go into detail on this topic to define what is acceptable based on the three methods of redirect, pass-through and embedded. The objective is to set a 'bar' of acceptability to be blessed by the EC as a one of the criter
 ia by
which to 'vet' API standards for conformity with PSD2/RTS.
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