[Openid-specs-fapi] (Correction) Friendly reminder and agenda for Sept. 14 Call

Nat Sakimura nat at sakimura.org
Wed Sep 14 09:58:45 UTC 2016

Previously, I sent out the notice with wrong date.
The time that I have sent was already past the time so I suppose it was 
but I would like to apologize for the confusion.

The calendar is showing the correct date anyways.
Please always refer to the group calendar at http://openid.net/wg/fapi/.
This is the master information.


Dear FAPI Members:

Here is a friendly reminder and the agenda for the Sept. 14 Call.

Looking forward to talk with you.


Nat Sakimura

FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2016-09-14)
Date & Time: 2016-09-14 14:00 UTC
       (07:00 PDT, 15:00 UK, 16:00 Denmark, 23:00 JST)
Location: GoToMeeting https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/321819862

1.   Roll Call
2.   Adoption of the Agenda
3.   External Org Relationships
3.1.   UK Implementation Entity (Dave)
3.2.   Federal Reserve of Minnesota (John)
3.3.   ECB Consultation (Dave)
3.4.   X9 (Paul?)
4.   Branch issue/26 Error messages (Sascha)
5.   Working Draft 01
5.1.   Review Results (John, Brian)
6.   Issues
6.1.   #7 Open Data (Dave)
6.2.   #16 Client Authentication -- Do we need TLS mutual 
authentication? (Nat)
6.3.   #28 International names for retirement savings account names 
7.   Events
7.1.   Pre-IIW (John)
7.2.   Pre-IETF (Nat)
8.   AOB

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