[Openid-specs-fapi] Last call on Draft FAPI - Part 1: Read Only API Security Profile

Nat Sakimura nat at sakimura.org
Wed Nov 23 15:37:38 UTC 2016

Dear FAPI WG Members:

This email is to start the last call for the draft "Financial Services – 
Financial API - Part 1: Read Only API Security Profile". It will run 
until 2016-12-02.

Please do a careful read and file any issues that can be there.
The last call will be followed by the fix to the draft and then to the 
Implementer's draft vote following the 45 days public review period.

The provisional schedule is:

* Last call: 2016-11-23 to 2016-12-02
* Implementer's draft public review: 2016-12-03 to 2017-01-17
* Voting Announcement: 2016-01-04
* Membership Vote: 2017-01-11 to 2017-01-25


Nat Sakimura
Chairman, FAPI WG, OpenID Foundation
Chairman of the board, OpenID Foundation

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