[Openid-specs-fapi] API Days Paris submission

Preibisch, Sascha H Sascha.Preibisch at ca.com
Mon Nov 21 17:33:25 UTC 2016


I just received the note that FAPI could have 20 minutes during a PSD2
talk of one of my company members.

That would be on the 13th of December.

Please let me know if that works. I would then put our FAPI member in
contact with the CA person.

On a side note:
- During CA World in Las Vegas last week I told some of our customers
about FAPI and they were highly interested in the work. I realized there
is a lot of demand for the work the WG does. Some of them are now looking
into FAPI and in becoming WG members.


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>I just went ahead and submit the following to the "FINTECH / BANKING
>APIS TRACK" track.
>In the era of mobile, OAuth 2.0 is the protocol of the choice.However,
>RFC6749 is a framework and needs to be profiled appropriately for use
>cases. FAPI WG at OIDF is taking such task for Financial APIs and
>securing it using RFC7636, JWT Client Authentication/TLS Client
>Authentication, OpenID Connect, etc. by collaborating with many
>stakeholders including financial institutions and fintech companies.
>This talk will review the current state of the standardization and how
>it can help the stakeholders faced with new realities including but not
>limited to PSD2.
>Let's see what will happen.
>Nat Sakimura
>Chairman, OpenID Foundation
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