[Openid-specs-fapi] API-ID's

Nat Sakimura n-sakimura at nri.co.jp
Wed Jul 20 10:34:00 UTC 2016

Hi Sascha, 


Welcome to the FAPI WG. 


Good point re: error code. 


Can you suggest the actual text change? A pull request would be great. 







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The spec specifies error codes for API errors. 


I am suggesting to also specify an API-ID for each specified API.


For example, the "/account" API could have an identifier such as "100000".


In error cases, an API would not only return the error code (e.g.: 701) but
also the API-ID:

*	error: 100000701 or 100000-701

That value could be used by a developer and search for it in the
documentation. It would make debugging much easier.


As I have experienced, developers sometimes do not really know which API
failed. Especially if they use libraries that call many API's at once.


I would like to know what others think about the idea.

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