[Openid-specs-fapi] How do I find AccountID to use in transfer?

Nat Sakimura n-sakimura at nri.co.jp
Mon Aug 8 03:04:58 UTC 2016

Thanks Anoop, 


Got it. So, the "transfer" is a lower risk scenario than sending money to
somebody else, I gather. 

I suppose we can look at other APIs when it comes to sending money from one
person to another, which we can postpone till R.3. 








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Hello Nat,


Transfer API is for transfer between user owned / or have permission (such
as Joint/ custodian) accounts within a bank. 


This is not for making a transfer between two accounts owned by two
different customer with no relation within a bank.

This also not for making a transfer between two account from different bank.


DDA did not go that far to solve for these use cases






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Subject: [Openid-specs-fapi] How do I find AccountID to use in transfer?


Hi Anoop, 

Reading DDA, I was wondering about this. 

When I want to transfer money from one account to another, I seem to need
FromAccountID and ToAccountID. How can I find the AccountID? Is it the
Access Token or Refresh Token?

Do I need a permission of the Account Owner to send money to his account? 
How do I get the AccountID that represents the other person's account?

In Japan, typically, a sender needs to specify:

* BankID
* BranchID
* AccountType
* AccountNumber
* AccountName in Katakana

(These probably varies depending on countries.) 

Then, the sending bank makes a request to receiving bank to verify that
these details matches and creates a transfer object with the amount entered
by the user and the user's withdrawal account details. The user must specify
from which account the money should be withdrawn. 

This transfer object is then shown to the user, and the user commits to it. 

>From an API point of view, there would be an accountInfo object such as


as JSON which is sent to accountID endpoint of the BankID that returns
accountID, perhaps unique to the transaction. This endpoint would be a
protected resource, and would probably requires the access token issued to
the originating bank or the payment initiating service. 

Then, it does the same for the account that the money is withdrawn.

Then,  the resulting transfer object would become: 

PaymentDetails {

Another question about the AccountID is that it may not be globally unique
unless there is an issuer component to it. How is it being managed? 

Also, for the transfer object, it feels much better to explicitly stating
the FromAccount currency. (I read that "Amount" is expressed in
FromAccountID currency. ) 


Nat Sakimura



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