[Openid-specs-fapi] How do I find AccountID to use in transfer?

Nat Sakimura nat at sakimura.org
Tue Aug 2 20:31:16 UTC 2016


I guess accountInfo below would be FIAttributes in AccountDescriptor
object. So the example will look like: 

 	* AccountDescriptor

 	* AccountID
 	* AccountType
 	* DIsplayName
 	* Status
 	* FiAttributes

 	* BankID
 	* BranchID
 	* AccountNumber
 	* AccountNameKana 

So the my question at the core is: "How do I get the surrogate
identifier from the FiAttributes above? 


On 2016-08-03 05:14, Nat Sakimura via Openid-specs-fapi wrote: 

> Hi Anoop, 
> Reading DDA, I was wondering about this. 
> When I want to transfer money from one account to another, I seem to need FromAccountID and ToAccountID. How can I find the AccountID? Is it the Access Token or Refresh Token? 
> Do I need a permission of the Account Owner to send money to his account? 
> How do I get the AccountID that represents the other person's account? 
> In Japan, typically, a sender needs to specify: 
> * BankID
> * BranchID
> * AccountType
> * AccountNumber
> * AccountName in Katakana 
> (These probably varies depending on countries.) 
> Then, the sending bank makes a request to receiving bank to verify that these details matches and creates a transfer object with the amount entered by the user and the user's withdrawal account details. The user must specify from which account the money should be withdrawn. 
> This transfer object is then shown to the user, and the user commits to it. 
> From an API point of view, there would be an accountInfo object such as 
> accountInfo
> BankID
> BranchID
> AccountType
> AccountNumber
> AccountNameKana 
> as JSON which is sent to accountID endpoint of the BankID that returns accountID, perhaps unique to the transaction. This endpoint would be a protected resource, and would probably requires the access token issued to the originating bank or the payment initiating service. 
> Then, it does the same for the account that the money is withdrawn. 
> Then, the resulting transfer object would become: 
> {
> TransferId:
> FromAccountId:
> ToAccountId:
> Amount:
> Memo:
> PaymentDetails {
> PrincipalAmount:
> FeesAmount:
> }
> } 
> Another question about the AccountID is that it may not be globally unique unless there is an issuer component to it. How is it being managed? 
> Also, for the transfer object, it feels much better to explicitly stating the FromAccount currency. (I read that "Amount" is expressed in FromAccountID currency. ) 
> Best, 
> Nat Sakimura 
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